No, not those kinds of services!

You may be thinking: "Why not just buy some random royalty-free music and sound effects from any old music library?"

Heres why: Having worked with directors and developers, I understand how much your project means to you; and to create the best project-child possible, you need all aspects to be equally as brilliant as each other - including the audio (as is often overlooked).

Here is what I can offer you:

Whether it's sporadic gibberish or Shakespeare recitations, I've got you covered. Being based in a city that is densely populated with upcoming acting talented and industry professionals, I have all the resources needed to get you the clearest and most convincing dialogue for your project.

Bespoke Music
As a composer I specialise in augmenting the emotion in your project and strengthening your message through colourful melodies and themes, vast looping soundscapes, or quirky linear jingles - be it a film, video game, or cat video compilation.

Interactive Audio
The advantage of having interactive audio is so that players of your game can better acknowledge a sense of in-game change or progression. I work mostly in Wwise to create and manage the audio created for your game to be easily implement it in your preferred engine, so that you don't have to settle for repetitive and monotonous loops that will drive you and your players mad!

Sound Design
Sound Effects are what make visual and interactive media live and breathe, so by having immersive and impactful audio assets tailored specifically to your project, you are able to effortlessly compliment its overall aesthetic. I like to work closely with developers and directors to assist with implementation to make sure that the sound effects work as they are made to.