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The first album in the series introduces the story of Björn the bear, whose world is destroyed as a cub when his family and home are taken away from him in the Great Blizzard of the Tundra. He is found and taken in by a family of snow hares, who raise him until the day they tell him of his past and what they know of the day when they found him.

Full of hope and resolve Björn sets off on his grand adventure to return to his homeland, the Tundra, and find out what has become of his original family. On his voyage he encounters various inhabitants of the mystical lands who teach him about the history of the Tundra, guide him on his search for his lost family, and help him grow stronger in character for the journey ahead.

The Björn's Adventure saga is a series of musical, visual and fictional accounts describing the grand journeys of Björn, a bear who travels across many lands in search of his long-lost family. During his odyssey, Björn encounters many wonderfully obscure creatures from whom he learns a great deal about the world he lives in.

The Björn's Adventures project came about upon realising that the world of arts has grown increasingly monotonous to the point where most musicians, artists, writers, directors, etc. are not giving people any more than is required of them. Nowadays, most forms of art are over-saturated with works that feel dry and void of character due to this reluctance to give more than is expected. For this reason, the Björn's Adventures project will be spread across multiple art mediums so as to give people more than what they expect.

Eventually, the Björn's Adventure project will be a series of albums, each of which will be accompanied with a respective story book narrating the events of the album, and an animated film with an extended soundtrack. For people who are willing to support the project, additional bonuses will be offered such as concept art, credits, and other personalised rewards.




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Head In The Clouds is a project created by dynamic duo Jack Densley and Jon Kelliher. The project is based on a few simple concepts that they feel are missing from most of today's music. These elements are:

  • Developing themes and ideas: Particularly - but not exclusively - in modern metal, bands are throwing together as many riffs into a single song as they possibly can, leaving people unable to latch onto anything musical. We naturally yearn for simple melodies and groovy rhythms, so why do we neglect these primal desires?
  • Making use of what you've got: In our overly materialistic world, we feel that we cannot be successful unless we have the latest gear and technology, but all you need to do is listen to some old-school hip-hop or chip tune music to realise that you can create something amazing with limited technology. In fact, creating limitations for your creative arts is a powerful tool to fuel your inspiration, even if it is something as simple as creating a rhythm using a phone number. 
  • Cheese is a good thing: Im not talking about real cheese as it is evil, I mean cheesy melodies, perfect cadences, epic choirs, and of course bagpipes! People love cheese, you can't deny it; and if you say you don't love cheese, the only person you're fooling is yourself.