Thaddeus and the Orphanage is a story driven top-down action-adventure game. We follow the tale of a child and his struggle to uncover the mysteries surrounding the disappearances of his fellow orphans.




Thaddeus And The Orphanage was my first real venture into developing a game by myself. Working on everything from artwork, animation, narrative writing, programming, design, and most importantly music and sound, I have spent what little free time I have on this project.

Besides acting as a creative outlet for my worringly obscure imagination, TATO has served as a test bed for numerous audio and audio programming related experiments. Most significant was that it was the first of my projects that fully implemented Ljud, my Unity audio management system - my goal with it being to see how far I could push Unity’s audio capabilities without the need for audio middleware in a practical game application.

Secondly, the music in the game is being designed to combine the conventions of music in classic RPGs and platformers, with the dynamic soundtracks of modern games; blending hooky melodies and truck loads of character with a truly responsive system that adapts the music to the player’s actions in the game.

Lastly, the audio is being designed in a way that pushes past the pixel art graphics and paints a sonic picture that is based more on realism as a testament to the fact that sound holds a great deal of power, immersing players in the game environment.



Currently, the story and gameplay are well on their way to completion, and all that remains is the last few boss battles. The music is still in it’s early stages but shall be epic when it is finished, and the audio is fleshing out throughout the game significantly.

TATO has been on the back-burner recently, as I fit it around my commercial work, but as I slowly hack away, I will be releasing small snippets to demonstrate the progress I am making.

Videos with sound and music coming soon!